Transformation 2008

Transformation 2, Mixed Media, 200x130 cm,  2008, Collection Birzeit University  Museum

Transformation reflects on the spatial changes in the private and public spaces in the city how they vanish. Gentrification consumed the small green areas in the city of Ramallah and destroyed many old buildings. An investment behavior that adds to our devastating experience in the colonized and segregated territories in Palestine.

Inass Yassin mixed media paintings overlay different architectural and natural features such as windows, room, trees and the horizon line. Mixed media paintings makes large-scale, gestural works that are built up through layers of acrylic paint, printed photos, charcoal,  pencil drawings, pen, and ink on wood panels. Using the same idea of construction and deconstruction, layers were built and peeled off, conveying the layering in space and compression of the time. 

Transformation, Inass Yassin

This exhibition was part of:

The Jerusalem Show Edition 0.1
Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
July 9–19, 2008

Partially funded by A. M. Qattan Foundation.


Transformation 01, Mixed Media, 200x130 cm, 2008, Collection Mazen Qubti.


Transformation 07, Mixed Media, 120x120 cm, 2008, Collection Camile Mansour


Transformation 04, Mixed Media, 120.120 cm, 2008, Collection Laura Ribeiro Rodrigues Pereira


Transformation 03, 120x120 cm, Mixed Media, 2008 


 Transformation 06, 120X120 cm, Mixed Media, 2008, Collection Zahi Khouri


 Transformation 09, 130X200 cm, Mixed Media, 2008, Collection Nasser Al-Nasseri