God Bless 2017

God Bless, #1 /4 , Light boxes 18.5*1.2m, Acrylic 3mm, PVC 3mm, PVC 5mm,National Paint, LED waterproof, 2017.  

The piece reads as God Bless This Land Whether It Was Holy or Not.  It is installed in the olive orchard at The Palestinian Museum garden. from where the viewer can see  the Mediterranean Sea, as if it is close by and easy to reach. The Arabic quote cut in light box, reads clearly in the daylight. And when it gets dark, the whole sentence lights up as bright script suspended in the darkness.

It stands in the open landscape day and night. The day light and night offers changing modes of reading. The “Adan”, call for prayer from the neighbor mosques, the floating fog, the growing  shadow of the trees, and the wild foxes who felt safe to leave their grottos, added the bless to the moment and to the land we stood on. This happened  when the foxes came very close to us while we  were documenting the work during that night, drinking tea with sage. 

Curated by Reem Fadda , Jerusalem Lives (Tahya Al Quds) opened on August 27. It was the first exhibition at The Palestinian Museum and will be on till 30th January 2017.

Photo by Hamoudi Trad