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Studio Cairo 2008-2011

Studio Cairo was founded in 1956 by Mohamad abo Hasireh( Abo Jamil). He managed the studio for decades with his life friend whose nickname is Abo Jamil, as well. Two photographers, Abo Jamils, worked together.  Studio Cairo used to be an inviting & refreshing stop in the hustle and bustle of the city of Nablus, which makes the biggest shopping market in Palestine.

Till the late Eighties, clients from all backgrounds visited the studio attic and wore costumes & makeup, posing in photo sessions, solely or with families & loved ones.

Abo Jamil developed and printed thousands of photos of his clients and friends. For decades, he displayed his work on the shop shelves and vitrines. Since the late Eighties, fewer clients showed up, and gradually Abo Jamil removed his work from the shop windows. In 2006, he burnt his own archive.  

Inass Yassin Performance, public intervention, excavation of vernacular photography and documentation of the process made a fascinating journey. The project used the site of the studio as a platform to engage the audience in a theatrical playful act that involves them in the discussion about the occurred social shift.

Studio Cairo: Documentation

 Inass Yassin, Documentation, Studio Cairo, Performance and Public Intervention, 2011

Inass Yassin, Studio Cairo, Performance,  2011

 Inass Yassin, Studio Cairo, Performance, Site-specific Intervention, 2011

 Inass Yassin, Studio Cairo, Site-specific Intervention and Public Intervention, 2011