inass yassin

عروس و عريس، أحمد ومنى ١٩٨٦، زيت على خشب،  ٣٠x٣٠   انش، ٢٠١٩

Bride and Groom 

Bride and Groom at Institute for Contemporary Art, ICA at Maine College of Art, May 10- June 9, 2019 

Couples painted portraits are constructed after the censored weddings photos from the1980s in Asira, north of Nablus, Palestine. 

In negotiating with the couples, Bride and Groom investigates the censorship that altered the visual narrative of the 1980s weddings in Asira, Palestine. By applying different kinds of censorship to photo albums, the visual narrative of the weddings as rich social and aesthetic experiences have been masked. Portraits in Bride and Groom depict the 1980s wedding photos with the intention to take the censorship back.