Working in studio, in public or at art institutions is envisioned with the same prospect. Driven by ideas, energized by diverse art practice; from research based projects, public interventions, gardening, painting, to leading a museum, all forms of thought and actions shall push boundaries, and of course, they are pushed back; this is when things start to shimmer...  inass yassin

Birzeit University Museum

Birzeit University Museum: As curator and director of Birzeit University Museum (2010-2017) Inass Yassin developed a vision for a museum that invites the university community to critically redefine notions in politics and cultural production. As curator, Yassin had set the conceptual and critical outlines for the five years program, employing research, making (object) and public interventions as proactive strategy. Working with Palestinian and international artists and curators helped the departments of Exhibitions, Education and Collection to evolve as multidisciplinary learning platforms, aiming at generating the liberating knowledge for the future.

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Political Posters in Private Collections

Political Posters in Private Collections: 

12, October-30, December 2013


Framed-Unframed The Changing Representation of Women in Palestinian Visual Arts 

Birzeit University Museum.

19 September - 29 October 2011