A state of mind

"Questioning, rotating, confrontation and joy are my driving notions, here and everywhere else. Yet in the Here, there is much to play with, and that is just perfect ! "

"Driven by ideas, energized by diverse art practice; from research based projects, public interventions, gardening, painting, to leading a museum. All forms of thought and actions shall push boundaries, and of course, they are pushed back; this is where things start to shimmer... " inass yassin






Inass Yassin is a multidisciplinary studio artist and former director of Birzeit University Museum. Yassin works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, video, installation and painting. She links these different art forms to a conceptual framework to do site specific interventions that examine the social shifts that have occurred within the Palestinian culture since the late 1980s.By tracing incidents in the transforming cityscape and by investigating social dynamics in her community, her works reveal the politics and aesthetics of transformation on the private and public scale. In her collaborative projects, she invites her community to contemplate the forces that dramatically shifted the social realities. Examples are: Projection (2008-2010), on Al-Waleed Cinema house in Ramallah-Al Bireh, Studio Cairo (2011-2012) in the city of Nablus, and the gardening initiative: Romantic Boycott, 2013-2017 in Birzeit University. To invite more questions on space and politics, she created an outdoor, neon sculpture: God Bless (2017), in The Palestinian Museum garden.  

In her painting projects, such as in The Sea is Black (2007) and Transformation (2008), she used image-making to create a visual experience of the Palestinians' traumatic associations with immobility and inaccessibility to their own land. In Sparkling City (2015), she investigated a similar urban change in Beirut. In her most recent painting project, Bride and Groom (2019-2020), she is working in the tradition of oil painting portraits as a visual and active medium. The medium aims at addressing political constraints in social and art history alike. As curator of Birzeit University Museum, she designed and implemented the program between 2010 and 2017, and curated Political Posters in Private Collections 2013 and co-curated Framed-Unframed 2011. 

Inass Yassin has shown her work in Palestine and abroad: in New York, Portland ME,  Leipzig, Oslo, Eindhoven, and Dubai, in addition to residencies in Braziers, the United Kingdom; Makan, Jordan and Cittadella Arte in Italy. Her work is within public and private local and international collections. Yassin has earned grants or scholarships from the Fulbright Student Program, the Arab Fund for Art and Culture AFAC, the Ford Foundation, and the Hani Qaddoumi Foundation.