Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom: a Portrait of an Invisibile Other

Opening at Institute for Contemporary Art, ICA at Maine College of Art, 

Thesis Exhibition

May 10- June 9 2019

Congress Street, 522, Portland Me

Bride and Groom investigates the censorship that altered the visual narrative of weddings in Asira, Palestine. By applying different kinds of censorship to photo albums, the visual narrative of the weddings as rich social and aesthetic experiences have been neglected, muted or masked. Through using painting portraiture as a device for action, Bride and Groom revisits the masked, hidden, neglected or censored women's' pictures and transform them into exhibited oil painting portraits. 

By constructing the pictures of women as painted portraits, the work interacts with the social dynamics that rules women's pictures circulation while contributing to the broader field of portraiture as hybrid representational system in today's art canon.

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A state of mind:

Questioning, confrontation, rotating and joy are my driving notions, here and every where else. Yet in the Here there is much to play with, and that is just perfect !